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Update post on Open Legal Standards Initiative and it Top 25 Key Performance Indicators

Five posts savaged an assortment of metrics in the November 10, 2005 overview of the Open Legal Standards Initiative (OLSI, a non-profit entity) (See my posts of Sept. 13, 2006 (2); Sept. 17, 2006; Nov. 2 and 5, 2006.). Nina Wong, the CEO of Corporate Legal Standard (a for-profit company) has graciously and correctly pointed out that I confused the two entities; OLSI, not the Corporate Legal Standard, distributed the draft collection of metrics for comment.

Wong also brought to my attention an article, “Constructing Standard Metrics of Your Law Department’s Value, ACC Docket, Nov./Dec. 2006 at 74 by Jeffrey Carr, Steven Lauer and Wong, that provides background on the initiatives and the revised set of metrics. Many, if not all, of the metrics I castigated did not survive into the final draft of the metrics as described by the article.

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