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Various ways I think about this blawg’s concepts

I enjoy writing this blog for many reasons. One, probably peculiar to many readers, are the games I play with my pre-post ideas. Every nugget of a post idea – spotted rough-hewn in an article or a book, an online message, or consulting project – beckons me to toy with how to exploit it.

The approaches that have occurred to me to mold blogs-to-be are many, several of which I describe below, yet even so the untried transformations and permutations of blog-post shaping are countless. Here are a few I spotted from the 1,700 I have written.

Tease out components of a larger concept (See my post of Aug. 8, 2006 on “productivity.”);

Show the place of the idea in a grander framework (See my post of Aug. 27, 2005 on the protean scope of the law department’s role.);

Push the concept logically (See my post of May 1, 2006 on “value-added”.);

Define and give the connotations of terms (See my posts of Aug. 26, 2006 on words compared to concepts; and May 3, 2006 on definitions and references cited.);

Delve into the history of a term (See my post of June 13, 2006 and the concept of a historical lexicon of law department management terms.);

Unpeel assumptions and myths (See my posts about myths of Oct. 4, 2005 on law firms’ views of law departments; April 30, 2006 on partners’ views of law departments; May 15, 2006 on behavior change; May 4, 2005 on quality of life in-house; and Sept. 10, 2005 on matter management systems.);

Provide alternative explanations and sources (See my post of Jan. 6, 2006 on an urban legend of amounts spent on e-mail discovery.);

Explore unintended results of actions (See my posts of Aug. 1, 2006 on second-order consequences; and Nov. 13, 2005 on convergence meeting law firm mergers.); and

Put out for consideration arguments pro and con (See my posts of Oct.12, 2006 on veteran lawyers; and Jan.13, 2006 on charging clients for time.).