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Vendor support other than training, upgrades and a help desk – newsletter, seminars, user groups

In the late summer of 2007 I received DataCert Direct, that company’s quarterly client newsletter. This vendor of e-billing software, which acquired Corprasoft and its matter management software, produced a nice-looking newsletter that gives readers useful information. For example, the newsletter announces DataCert’s “fall seminar series” to begin in September as free for all interested in-house legal professionals. The newsletter touts two new offices of the company, plus the recent merger, but in a factual way, not brazen marketing.

The newsletter mentions an article about a client of DataCert and includes the URL link. The Customer Advisory Board conference of the company, a user-group meeting (See my post of Sept. 18, 2006 on the advantages of user groups.), gets a useful mention. At the end, the issue contains a reader-satisfaction survey.

All in all, a useful publication that shows some of the ways that providers of services to law departments can go beyond the traditional forms of support (See my post of July 2, 2007 regarding another newsletter of a service provider in the same space.).