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Videoconferencing likely to become more common as cost falls and quality rises

One of the general counsel interviewed by Law Technology News, Oct. 2011 at 18, praised videoconferencing with outside counsel. Glenn Weinstein of iRobot uses hardware and software from Logitech Vid and is “encouraging all of our outside counsel to get on the system.”

It sounds like this capability operates from conference rooms but it could also mean from individual offices. I refer to the former as teleconferencing and the latter as individual video-cams or webcams (See my post of Feb. 15, 2010: brief comment on not having seen these in law departments.), but that may be an idiosyncratic definition (See my post of June 8, 2011: videoconference with 7 references.). Either way, Weinstein’s experience and expectations will certainly become more common among in-house counsel.

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