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Wetter to drip-drip training on technology or use the full-bucket-at-once method

The best way to train in-house counsel on software applications is not to run a single, long, intensive session once the system is ready, and then let them go thereafter. Rapid exposure leads to rapid decay; the deluge of knowledge runs off and does not soak in. Usually, after a heavy duty immersion, people usually retain a very small percentage of what they were presented.

As recommended in MIT Sloan Mgt. Rev., Vol. 48, Summer 2007 at 52, it is far better to host a series of one- or two-hour sessions on important skills every two to four weeks. During the days in between lawyers can rehearse, apply, and more personally learn the new techniques and capabilities. At the next session they can even ask questions about problems they encountered. Research also shows that to the degree training sessions resemble the real world and use actual examples, learning increases.