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What nooks and crannies of management have not been explored – people

I have been gestating a post, which has finally reached term. What aspects of law department management do we know almost nothing about, what dark continents remain to be explored?

That is a sprawling topic, so for a more modest start, look a little ways into the fog: unknowns in management that have to do with the people who work in a law department.

We do not know how to measure or describe succinctly who asks how much for help in a law department, or who gives it (See my posts of June 12, 2005 on social networks; and Jan. 4, 2006 about knowledge networks when veterans retire.). We have no facility to describe the degree of teamwork exhibited in a law department (See my posts of 2005: Oct. 1 on the Johari window, April 9 Hartman-Kinsel, April 18 MBTI, and Oct. 19 MLE4.); or differences in roles between paralegals and secretaries. It remains far more mystery than science how work is effectively delegated, and no one has figured out how to quantify a balanced workload. Other lacunae will come to mind.

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