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What pages rank highest on visits to this site (Blog Idol, anyone?)

Courtesy of Feedburner, I will share the number of visits to the top ten pages opened on this blog. Other than the main page, Controlling Legal Costs had the most visits during the 30 days from Jan. 31, 2007 through March 1, 2007: 323 visits. Next was the category Metrics and Benchmarking, with 297 visits, followed by Outside Counsel Management with 208 visits. The remaining four were Management Tools and Initiatives (156 visits), Structure (152), Client Satisfaction (142), and Talent Management (123).

Perhaps the curiosity of the crowd, and its interests, are reflected in those rankings of topics. It is also possible that the rankings reflect more the number of posts in the categories than the level of reader interest in the categories.

The top referring domains during that month, aside from my own, each sent 100 visitors. They were the commentary blog by ALM’s Carolyn Elefant and Bob Ambrogi, the ALM main site, and Jeff Gussis’s excellent blog.