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What Technorati says about this blog

I joined Technorati on Feb. 2, 2007. As of March 1st, Technorati informs us that 136,735 blogs have more than the 85 links this one enjoys from 29 blogs. Before you sneer, consider that Technorati claims there are more than 50 million blogs. Eventually, Technorati will give data on the past 180 days, but that thrilling moment won’t come for me until summer.

By comparison, Jeff Gussis’s excellent blog, ranks at 99,233 with its 116 links from 39 blogs.

Technorati also creates a so-called cloud tag, which shows in alphabetical order the primary tags on the site, and gives them a different font size to indicate their relative frequency of hits. Outside counsel management dominates my cloud tag (See my post of March 4, 2007 on Feedburner statistics.).