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What would philosophers say regarding law departments?

Cogito, ergo bill.

No, a philosopher would speak learnedly about epistemology — how do we know what we think we know about law department management (See my post of September 22, 2005 regarding what might be our fundamental inability to comprehend such complexity.). A philosopher would Socratically dialogue on ethics – how does a corporate lawyer know what is right and wrong behavior (See my post of March 19, 2006 regarding the fact/value dichotomy.). A philosopher would hold forth on methods of logic and rhetoric – what are the best ways to reason through to the solution to a difficult legal situation (See my various posts under the category of Decisions and Cognitive Styles.). The philosopher’s discourse would touch on metaphysics – why do law departments exist and how came they into existence sub specie aeternitas..

To show all my Descartes, it’s a Locke that general counsel Kant Hegel over philosophical niceties.

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