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When a network for lawyers (Legal OnRamp) links up with servicers to law departments (CT Tymetrix)

They hyper-active Paul Lippe of Legal OnRamp continues to embrace new collaborations. Recently, GC Roundtable linked up with his online network and now a major vendor to legal departments has joined. I learned about this from Charles Christian’s American Legal Technology Insider, March 2010.

CT TyMetrix “announced a partnership with the legal networking site Legal OnRamp. As part of this relationship, TyMetrix will set up an online facility within Legal OnRamp, called DataPoint, that will help corporate legal departments to better understand their data and more effectively manage their legal spend.”

LegalOnRamp can move quickly, one of the benefits of being a nimble and creative organization driven to transform the legal industry, and it is on a trajectory to meld in other organizations that want to harness the ‘Ramp’s Web 2.0 capabilities and high-end membership.