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Women in e-Discovery as a resource for women who support law department technology

The ALSP Update, Vol. 1, Dec. 2007 at 11, the monthly newsletter of the Association of Litigation Support Professionals (See my post of Jan. 27, 2008 on ALSP.), introduced me to Women in e-Discovery (WiE). Begun in mid-2007, “it has grown to more than 700 members with 10 chapters and 16 additional chapters slated for 2008.” The fledgling, but fast-growing group has a web site and many of its chapters host monthly meetings.

Any in-house women who support, use, or care about technology in the discovery field should find out more about both WiE and ALSP.

A number of organizations cater to legal technology, and each of them offers members of law departments access to special groups for them (See my posts of Feb. 18, 2007 with its mention of the Sedona Conference; Nov. 17, 2006 on ILTA, the International Legal Technology Association; Nov. 20, 2007 on LEDES, the Legal Electronic Data Exchange System; and Feb. 18, 2007 about the Corporate Forum and more generally the benefits of knowledge networks.).

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