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Would a law department be persuaded to try a law firm that brought business to the company?

In 2003, the general counsel of Captivate Network identified three ways that law firms could get his attention, including free CLE training and brand awareness. It was the third idea that I particularly noticed in the 2011 supplement to Bob Haig’s Successful Partnering Between Inside and Outside Counsel, Section 4 at note 4.10. A firm can “’Buy’ the corporation’s attention by making business introductions for the company.”

Its website explains that Captivate is a “media solutions company. Its digital programming and advertising network informs and entertains business professionals at work.” So, if a law firm introduced a company that hired Captivate, the general counsel would take note. This is like investment banks that like their legal department to direct work to law firms that refer them clients (See my post of April 26, 2006: also bankers and real estate brokers.). I noted that the six member management team listed on the website of Captivate does not include the general counsel.