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14 “law department” blogs from Justia and data about their rank and currency

Justia is the wonderful group that designed and runs my website. They also maintain a vast directory of law-related blogs. Under the category Corporate Law Department Blogs” 14 are listed. Justia gives each blawg a rank based on the number of visits to the blawg from Justia’s BlawgSearch search engine and directory listing pages (See my post of Feb. 16, 2008: top domains referring to this blog.). The number in parenthesis is the Justia rank, while the date is the day of the most recent post as of Jan. 20, 2009.

The D&O Diary (119) 19-Jan-09

The Patry Copyright Blog (133) 1-Dec-08

Law Department Management (171) 20-Jan-09

Manpower Employment Blawg (341) 20-Jan-09

The General Counsel Blog (683) 2-Jun-08

InhouseBlog (703) 15-Jan-09

Jonathan B. Wilson (1,012) 16-Jan-09

IP Counsel Blog (1,035) 10-Apr-08

Nancy Rapoport’s Blogspot (1,080) 20-Jan-09

Standards Law (1,116) 6-Aug-08

the legal thing …(1,289) 7-Jan-09

Lawdable (1,666) 19-Jan-09

Cisco High Tech Policy Blog (2,187) 13-Jan-09

The Wired GC (2,201) 13-Jan-09

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