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Four more blogs that cover topics aimed at in-house attorneys

In fits and starts I run across blogs kindred to this one: on how best to manage aspects of law departments. Four more have recently surfaced:

InHouse Insider by Esq. Recruiting LLC

In-House by the staff of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC)

Lawdable, by Counsel on Call

The Posse List regarding contract attorneys

I have already several times collected blogsites that focus on in-house concerns, including management topics (See my post of Dec. 16, 2008: list of 16 blawgs targetted to in-house readers; Jan. 18, 2009 #4: a recruiter blog; Jan. 18, 2009: 15 blogs for legal offshoring and LPOs; April 13, 2007: Blawgsearch directory; March 2, 2008 #1: IP Updates and Patry Copyright Blog by in-house counsel; Feb. 20, 2008: listing of 6 law-department related blawgs; Aug. 18, 2008 #2: Alternate Fee Lawyer blog; March 16, 2008 #5: Brazilian blog; Sept. 22, 2008: estimated 20,000 law-related blogs in the United States; June 17, 2008: popularity ranking on USLaw directory; and Jan. 28, 2009: 14 blogs on Justia with rank and currency.).

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One response to “Four more blogs that cover topics aimed at in-house attorneys”

  1. Vanessa Vidal says:

    Thank you for mentioning InHouse Insider in your Blog. We hope you’ll visit us often.