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20 jargon giants in-house lawyers should shudder at and shun

An article from Conference Rev., Winter 2011 at 37, tickled me. It lampoons business jargon. Throughout, the article skewers all manner of clichés, acronyms, styles of obfuscatory speech, and words sucked of all meaning. The Orwellian/Dilbertian mess of messaging presents easy targets. So, I thought I would compile my own list of bugaboos.

Never, ever use the following jargon unless you state immediately after them what you mean in plain English. Having done that, uproot the jargon weed.

Client-centric, core competence, delayering, end-to-end, interface (as a verb), kaizen, leverage, mission critical, paradigm shift, quantum leap, win-win, proactive, re-engineer, state-of-the-art, strategic, synergies, thinking out of the box, value-add, value proposition, and world class.