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38 retweets of posts from this blog in the last month by 17 people!

For online, tech-savvy lawyers of law departments, one of the ways to keep abreast is Twitter. For example, the posts on this blog appear there under my Twitter handle @ReesMorrison. The headers and text compress automatically through some magical software that I don’t pretend to understand.

With somewhat fewer followers (435) than say, Justin Timberlake, I was startled to find that during the month preceding June 18th, 17 people had seen fit to retweet 38 of my posts. They say something short and usually complimentary and refer to one of my posts compacted into a tweet. They signal a retweet with via@ReesMorrison or RT@reesmorrison. A couple had even retweeted a retweet.

Among those who have retweeted one of my posts are Gaston Bilder, Brad Bjelke, Toby Brown, Jeffrey Brandt, Tim Corcoran, Ron Friedmann, Jordan Furlong, Jonathan Kash, Aric Press, Sally Schmidt, Allen Simpson, Gavin Ward, Christopher Wills, and Roddy Young, I thank them for their efforts and recognition.

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One response to “38 retweets of posts from this blog in the last month by 17 people!”

  1. Always a pleasure. Just to keep ourselves on perspective, Lady Gaga has over 11 million followers in Twitter.