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7,000 – seven thousand – 7*103 – √49,000,000 – 0x1B58 (hexadecimal) – 1101101011000 (binary) – 15530 (octal) – 4074 (duodecimal) – 103.845098

Last year around this time, Dec. 14th to be exact, I published post number 6,000. This post is the one-thousandth post after that one.

After 7,000 of these little critters, as always I fret the well will run dry; so far, however, the aquifer of law department management topics remains high. The blogable ideas just keep on flowing, like the Biblical widow’s cruse. Nor has the pace of metaposts slowed. It does seem, however, that I am not getting more blogs or websites referring readers here. Twitter accounts for an increasing number of my visitors.

I did a few new things during the last thousand posts. My series on Cottage Industrialists began and has had six segments. My first QR (Quick Response) code appeared and for the first time I offered readers a chance to download a file after they had registered through ShareFile. Also new was not the annual summary of the ten best posts per month but a comparison of them to those of the year before.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. Geoff says:

    To 7,000 more! Happy New Years to you and yours from InhouseBlog – talk to you in 2012!