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A general counsel to live-tweet from Corporate Counsel Forum Europe

Here is a new role for a general counsel: Twitter reporter. I read in LinkedIn that “The FT’s [Financial Times] general counsel Tim Bratton will be providing live Twitter updates from next week’s Corporate Counsel Forum Europe.” The Financial Times sponsors the Forum so this unusual undertaking actually makes some sense.

If you want to follow Tim’s tweets over the two-day event yesterday and today, go to or searchg for the #ccfe hashtag on Twitter (See my post of April 28, 2009: Twitter and 6 references; June 16, 2009: hits on this blog from Twitter; Nov. 10, 2009 #5: Safari readers from Twitter on iPhones; Nov. 16, 2009: lists on Twitter regarding legal tweets; Dec. 3, 2009 #3: penetration of Twitter among in-house lawyers; May 24, 2010: retweets from this blog; Aug. 3, 2010: more legal lists on Twitter and counts; and Sept. 6, 2010: speculation on retweet counts to show popularity of posts.).