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A hyperpost – collection of metaposts – on general counsel

Hundreds, if not thousands, of posts on this blog refer to general counsel. Most use the term “general counsel” to stand in for the entire legal department, only a few pertain specifically to characteristic traits of person as an individual or the position. I have gathered XX metaposts that have to do with general counsel. See what I mean by the following metaposts:

Who reports to the general counsel (See my post of May 29, 2009: direct reports to the general counsel with 12 references.).

What role do values play for a general counsel (See my post of Sept. 23, 2009: values with 11 references since May 2008 metapost.).

How often are general counsel promoted to CEO (See my post of May 26, 2007: GCs report to former GC with 10 references; and March 24, 2007: promoted general counsel with 8 references).

What non-legal position have some general counsel held a during their career in a company (See my post of Aug. 4, 2007: GCs and non-law positions held with 7 references.).

What roles do general counsel assign to deputy general counsel (See my post of Jan. 30, 2009: deputy general counsel with 11 references.).

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