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A lament from this blog host about reader silence – send me an e-mail

“Competition in the blogosphere favors the quirky loner who happens to have a knack for writing quickly and has something interesting to say.” This sentence from the Wilson Quarterly, Autumn 2007 at 65, and hit my particular nail squarely on the head. Or at least the notions of a quick typing maverick hold true. As to the appeal of this ultra-micro-niche blog, since more than 250 people are automatically fed these blog posts, around 300 people a day visit the site, and 130 have signed up to receive the monthly compilations, what this odd-ball scribbles must interest some people.

Silence from almost all those readers, however, has held true from the beginning. I’ve given up hoping for comments, and mostly delete spam. But even a tiny email from you would hearten I will write back! With no way to know you, blog reader, it’s much harder for me to know how to improve this resource.

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5 responses to “A lament from this blog host about reader silence – send me an e-mail”

  1. I’ve recently subscribed after following a link from Carolyn Elefant (I think).
    With respect to your recent post on Attorney-client privilege for in-house counsel, you might be interested in this Australian case on the same theme.

  2. Edgar Tordesillas says:

    I live and practice law in Manila, Philippines. I have recently subscribed to your feed and have not regretted it. Keep up the good work.

  3. Lauren says:

    I enjoy your blog. I find it to be interesting and helpful. As GC for a smaller company, perhaps an article on why companies with 10-20 employees are electing to bring in an in-house lawyer would be interesting. This model seems to be very common in California, and we face very different challenges than those with large corporate law departments. Thanks for keeping us all informed.

  4. Lucas says:

    Your blog is unique. Nobody can compete with you, because you are in some blue ocean strategy I think. I haven’t find any other blog or material like yours. You have a deep understanding of law department management. It’s very important that you keep sharing your knowledge. I am a faithful reader. Keep up the good work!

  5. Marie says:

    Yes, please keep this blog! I read it very often and find things taht I share with all the department.