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A report’s prediction of large players entering the matter management and e-billing arena

The Aug. 2010 MarketView Report of Hyperion Research, “e-Billing and Matter Management Systems for Corporations,” includes a five-page history of those systems. It is a useful summary of where we are in 2011.

The comprehensive and detailed report foresees an integration of functions that currently operate from a variety of databases and other applications. The “solution footprint” that will bring together many of these functions they name “Enterprise Legal Management.” Of particular interest to me is a prediction that “as the ELM segment solidifies, we anticipate the entry of larger enterprise application vendors such as Oracle, SAP, Sage and Microsoft, as well as legal technology providers from other specialty areas.” Law department managers, they suggest, will continue to see a vibrant market at full competitive pitch.

Disclaimer: I know both founders and received a copy of the report at no cost.

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One response to “A report’s prediction of large players entering the matter management and e-billing arena”

  1. RMH says:

    In-house law departments work with many law firms that employ various matter management systems. Similarly, law firms work with in-house law departments that employ various MMS. Given this potential web of heterogeneous MMS and many-to-many connections, both in-house law departments and law firms should demand open data format and communication protocols. In-house counsel, law firms, and their MMS vendors should coordinate with LEDES to continue to develop data format standards and to further provide web services standards. A potential basis for web services standards is a collection of Web Services Interoperability Organization ( profiles: Basic Profile, Attachments Profile, Simple SOAP Binding Profile and the Basic Security Profile. Most enterprise application vendors are already associated with WS-I so that should not be an issue.