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A short glossary of British terms used in law department management

My fascination with words overcomes my good judgment, sometimes. (See, for example, my posts of May 20, 2005 on schadenfreud, Oct. 18, 2005 on scheissenbedaurn, Oct. 14, 2005 on “technology,” and Dec. 21, 2005 on spruiking.).

In the realms dear to law department managers, what differences are there between the two languages divided by an ocean?

“Commercial work” means “transactional work”
“External advisor” means “law firm” or “outside counsel.”
“Instruct” means “tell a law firm what it should do.”
“Legal director” means “general counsel”
“Made redundant” means “fired.”
“Panel” means “a small group of approved (preferred) law firms”
“PQE (Post Qualification Experience)” means something like “years out of law school.”
“Tender” means “put out to bid.”

I welcome corrections and additions. “Ta,” which means “thanks.”