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According to Robert Half International, 10 questions you should ask when you interview a lawyer

These suggestions come from the website of Robert Half International (See my post of May 22, 2009: hiring interviews for lawyers with 6 references.). If and when you ever get a chance to hire an attorney again, these questions should help.

“Here are 10 to consider the next time you meet with an applicant:
1. “Why are you attracted to this job, and what skills and strengths can you bring to it?”
2. “Why are you pursuing a new job?” or “How have you spent your time since you left your previous job?”
3. “Can you share a piece of constructive feedback you received from a supervisor and how you responded to it?”
4. “What was the most difficult decision you had to make in a former role?”
5. “Can you describe a time when you provided exemplary service in a previous position?”
6. “What is the most meaningful compliment you’ve ever received on the job?”
7. “What is the biggest mistake you’ve made on the job, and how did you rectify the situation?”
8. “How have you changed the nature of your current position?”
9. “Can you give me an example of how you handled a workplace conflict?”
10. “What piece of information is not in your resume or cover letter that you think I should know?”

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