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Eight perspectives and collections of posts on reporting lines

The most important characteristic of any position is the person it reports to. As befits that crucial status, this blog has accumulated at least 94 posts on reporting lines. In turn these created eight metaposts.

Some have to do with individual lawyers and their reporting lines (See my post of May 26, 2007: GCs report to former GC with 10 references; March 8, 2010: upward reporting of chief legal officers with 15 references; May 29, 2009: direct reports to the general counsel with 12 references; and March 27, 2009: tax lawyers and reporting with 7 references.).

Other collections of six or more posts on the topic – what I have called metaposts – have to do with what we might think of as aspects of structural reporting (See my post of Jan. 20, 2009: reporting of compliance functions with 11 references; Jan. 12, 2009: reporting other than decentralized by lawyers with 13 references; Aug. 5, 2008: decentralized reporting with 7 references; and July 4, 2009: solid line and matrix with 11 references and 3 metaposts.).

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