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All the world’s a stage and general counsel are in the center

Every general counsel comes to realize that members of the law department are minutely vigilant regarding their every action and word (See my post of Oct. 24, 2006 about rumors.).

A short piece in the Harvard Business Rev., July 2006 at 152, put the scrutiny well: “You can’t totally manage the signals your send. Even if your intentions are pure and your performance flawless, don’t be surprised when your most innocuous statements are assigned deep, sinister meeting — or are assigned very different meanings by different people. But if you communicate consistently and clearly, especially in times of crisis, and don’t shy away from the tough issues, you’ll engender the trust and confidence that you need to succeed.” Well said and well to remember during the play.

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  1. IVA Advice says:

    I agree it’s a fair argument, but it’s whether or not the platform is suitable, don’t you think?