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Ample holiday time for in-house lawyers according to recent survey

Nearly 2,000 in-house attorneys around the world completed a survey by Laurence Simons. From that 2010 In-House Global Salary & Benefits Survey at 12 we learn that almost 40 percent of them have 21-25 days of holiday per year and close to that many have 26-30 days. About 18 percent enjoy more than 30 holidays per year.

In the United States, in-house lawyers take off about 10 national holidays such as July 4th, Christmas and Thanksgiving. The report does not explain whether those allotments as described include established national holidays as compared to discretionary, personal paid vacation days (some military use the term “leave.”). Some companies also afford “personal days” and “sick days” (See my post of Feb. 22, 2009: vacations and holidays with 10 references.).

To request a copy of the full survey, write Naveen Tuli.

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