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An assemblage of process improvement techniques

Included in this overview are metaposts and comments that have to do with process improvement. It includes two metaposts on Six Sigma, as well as one each on process mapping, kaizen and cycle time (See my post of Feb. 13, 2008: Six Sigma with 18 references; July 24, 2009: Six Sigma in law departments and the firms they use with 11 references and 1 metapost; April 9, 2009 #2: process maps with 6 references; May 15, 2009: kaizen and continuous improvement with 6 references and one metapost; and March 5, 2008: cycle time with 18 references.).

Other posts have added ideas (See my post of March 23, 2006: poka-yoke or mistake-proofing; April 9, 2009: takt time; and July 14, 2009: Toyota’s A3 technique.).

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One response to “An assemblage of process improvement techniques”

  1. Dear Rees Morrison,

    You have undertaken great efforts to make the law industry abreast of Six Sigma as a methodology & the value it brings to your sector, i.e., Legal Services.

    We are privileged to add few important but missing pieces about Six Sigma at large. It is an attempt to bring the rightest perspective of: What is Six Sigma to the Black Belts & Green Belts. Beyond technical perspective of DMAIC, DMADV etc, You should appreciate – What 6 Sigma really is?

    There is nothing which compares to the effectiveness of Six Sigma when it comes to improving a company/organization’s operational efficiency, raising its productivity, and lowering its costs. Six Sigma improves design processes, gets products to market faster with fewer defects, and builds customer loyalty. But do you know really– What is Six Sigma, beyond knowing its methodologies such as DMAIC or DMADV?

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