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Six Sigma projects in various legal departments

Preparing for a presentation on Six Sigma as it can be applied by general counsel, I collected what I have written since my first metapost (See my post of Feb. 13, 2008: Six Sigma with 18 references.).

Surprisingly different applications of the set of Six Sigma tools have appeared (See my post of March 26, 2008: flood of hard-copy invoices at Liberty Mutual; June 11, 2008: savings at Caterpillar for toxic tort cases; Oct. 24, 2008: corporate entity oversight; Nov. 22, 2008: contracting at Becton Dickinson; Jan. 22, 2009: pro bono at Caterpillar; Nov. 23, 2008: Six Sigma project allocated RACI roles to Legal, IT, Finance, Procurement, and Vendor for contracting process; June 26, 2009: Home Depot, Gulfstream Aerospace, and ING are adherents to Six Sigma.).

Several posts bring into the Six Sigma picture law firms that have applied its techniques (See my post of April 28, 2009: Morgan Lewis in its mortgage loan practice; June 24, 2009 #2: FMC likes Seyfarth Shaw because of its Six Sigma for litigation; May 4, 2009 #4: Six Sigma legal departments (including DuPont and Dow Chemical) and several law firms.

A white paper on “Six Sigma, The Discovery Process In The Corporate Legal Department” was presented to the ABA Litigation Section earlier this year. Many people think of Six Sigma as a method to root out defects but it is also a technique for project management (See my post of Feb. 17, 2008 #2: low ratings in survey for Six Sigma.).