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Another GC Group Formed, in the UK

Paul Reynolds, of 2nvision Consulting Inc., sent an article from The Lawyer (March 21st) regarding the formation of the General Counsel 100 Group (GC 100) in the United Kingdom.  Formed earlier in the month, its membership already boasts senior in-house lawyers from 50 FTSE 100 companies. The Practical Law Company will act as the GC 100’s secretariat.  Barclays General Counsel Mark Harding chairs the GC 100 while National Grid Transco’s (NGT) Company Secretary and Group General Counsel Helen Mahy serves as the joint vice chair.

As I wrote in a previous post, general counsel have many choices for groups to join.  Most of the groups devote their energies to substantive law updates, but legal function management topics sometimes appear on agendas.  Now, where is the Asian/Pacific GC Group?