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Artificial intelligence (AI) software and legal services – take the very long view

During the late 80s and early 90s, I was enthralled by the prospects of artificial intelligence for lawyers. I even wrote for the ABA Law Practice Management Section’s newsletter on document assembly (See my post of March 24, 2005 doubting the spread of such software.). But that early promise never ripened into robustness, and I drifted away

A profile of one of the legal AI pioneers, Marc Lauritsen, carried me back to those years. The piece, in Law Practice, Vol. 33, Jan./Feb. 2007 at 27, mentions the International Conference on AI and Law, to be held at Stanford Law School in June 2007. I wish the participants and their projects all the best.

Someday, forms of AI I will help law departments, but it may be about when we all go paperless, vendors understate the benefits of their wares, and the Internet calms down (See my posts of March 27, 2005 on artificial intelligence software; April 7, 2006 and its reference to neural networks; Feb. 23, 2006 on patented search software.).

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