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Assistance from internal IT team for some e-discovery tasks

When faced with a discovery or investigation request, some law departments can turn to specialists within the company’s IT group. At one company, a group of specialists are known as the “computer incidence response team” (CIRT) and they handle tech troubles such as virus attacks, violations of company policy, illegal software, and hacking. They take care of all these kinds of technical glitches and also are available in limited doses to image, protect, and collect files forensically.

Since the members of this technology SWOT team are not litigation support specialists, they follow the steps the legal department asks them to do. Not really doing e-discovery if by that we mean deduping, filtering, reviewing documents for privilege production and more, they are still a resource.on their own or joined with an outside vendor. Plus, their services are much less expensive (See my post of May 3, 2008: internal discovery teams with 8 references.).

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