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Patent litigation metrics and management techniques, but not costs

Many posts on this blog give insights into how law departments attempt to regulate the wallet-busting costs of patent litigation. A previous post pulled together 13 comments on costs (See my post of Oct. 2, 2008: patent litigation costs; July 21, 2005: an update on patent litigation costs; and Jan. 15, 2007: commentary on reductions of awards.).

This one assembles comments on litigation management techniques (See my post of Jan. 20, 2006: patent trolls; July 17, 2007: patent litigation managers; Nov. 30, 2005: which type of firm to select; May 3, 2006: how to choose litigation counsel; and Dec. 2, 2007: project management software;.).

Information abounds on patent litigation (See my post of July 14, 2007: patent litigation metrics; Nov. 27, 2005: metrics on patent litigation; May 21, 2006: suspicious data on patent litigation; and April 9, 2006: 1992-2003 data.).