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Automatic linkages between email and contracts related to the email

The March 2011 Issues & Insights from Corporation Service Company discusses contract management systems. One of the capabilities of a good one, and presumably part of what CSC’s software offers, is the automatic integration of e-mails to the contract in the system the e-mail refers to. This must entail a way to tag e-mails, whether manually by the in-house lawyer who sends the message or in the background by software, so that the system puts together the contract or a pointer to it in the contract management system and the e-mail.

As I read that I imagined matter codes embedded in all emails so that their contracts are stored appropriately. Filters in G-Mail allow me to do some of that and I suspect Outlook and other systems can do the same. The flow to the contract management system follows logically. To read more or take a look at Issues & Insights, write Jen Mailander at CSC.

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