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“Intellectual tourism” and a blogger’s risk

A hazard for me as I select and write about something on LawDepartmentManagementBlog is that I am lured by novelty and frontiers. The nuts-and-bolts of management for law departments – think of substantive oversight, workflow, adequacy of coverage, bench strength as a few examples – are less enthralling to write about even though general counsel want ideas to help them with blocking and tackling. They can’t very often try razzle-dazzle new plays.

My idiosyncratic interests lead me to touch down on lots of new ideas. I enjoy concepts I have not thought about and the frontier exploits of law departments. To critics, that “intellectual tourism” may be far from the fundamental, meat-and-potatoes concerns that dominate running a legal team. To fans, I bring to their attention something they had not known or thought about in the context of law department effectiveness; you are still reading this blog.

Truth be told, I blog about what interests me and in a style that both appeals to me and lets me try to write better. To average three posts a day for more than six years and still get up in the morning looking forward to writing means there are rewards: curiosity satisfied, catholic range, a maturing prose style, and an accumulation of material online that may improve a little bit how well the legal industry operates.