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Blawgs listed on the ABA site related to law department management

Tracing a visit to this blog from the ABA’s website and its compendium of blawgs, I took a few minutes to see how many of its categories pertain to law department management. Amidst the surfeit of substantive law blogs, here are the 17 categories I noticed that might pertain to my bailiwick and the number of blawgs purportedly in them.

Law Practice Management (268)
Legal Information (240)
Legal Technology (100)
Careers (97)
Legal Marketing & Consulting (83)
Work/Life Balance (59)
ADR (49)
Economics (26)
Corporate Compliance (23)
In-House Counsel (23)
Verdicts & Settlements (17)
Legal Research & Writing (16)
Women in the Law (15)
Outsourcing (12)
Attorney fees (7)
Diversity (5)
Pro Bono (2)

That there might be 1,042 blawgs on legal management topics blows me away. Certainly, many of these blogs may be inactive. Most cover only law firms. Some may be counted in more than one category or inappropriately categorized. That said, I doubt that the collection is complete even among these 17 categories (See my post of Nov. 16, 2005 #2: blawg on a single lawsuit; April 13, 2007: Blawgsearch directory; March 2, 2008: IP Updates and Patry Copyright Blog by in-house counsel; Feb. 20, 2008: listing of 6 law-department related blawgs; Aug. 18, 2008 #2: Alternate Fee Lawyer blog; and Sept. 22, 2008: estimated 20,000 law-related blogs in the United States. Even so, much material nestles among these blogs that could guide or stimulate a general counsel.

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