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Boost morale and with a departmental commitment to pro bono (Computer Associates)

Rebuilding the morale of the 60 or so lawyers at Computer Associates, a company that endured the ignominy of executive wrongdoing, the new general counsel drew on the experience of his former law department (Altria). At CA, Kenneth Handal ushered in several pro bono opportunities for his lawyers acccording to Corp. Counsel, Vol. 13, April 2006 at 94.

Admirable in its own right to promote pro bono service – such as to help low-income and needy families with such personal matters as divorces and to help AIDs sufferers prepare wills – it can also help bind together the members of a law department (See my post of Sept. 10, 2005 with some reflections on corporate counsel and pro bono work.) They all can share a commitment to doing good for others.

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