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Semantic network mapping to review discovery documents – huge productivity increases

I’m a sucker for the novel, technological, and complicated-sounding, so I succumbed completely to “semantic network mapping,” as briefly mentioned in Six Sigma in the Legal Department, KPMG Forensic (2006) at 26.

The report’s comment says that a lawyer at Jones Day, Montgomery Kosma, used to estimate 250 to 300 document decisions per lawyer per day (what a luscious metric!). With document analytics, specifically semantic network mapping, “today in some cases, our attorneys have achieved 2,000 or more document decisions per day with the same, if not better, accuracy.”

The KPMG report explains that “document analytics is the emerging practice of applying algorithms and technology to identify relationships and relevance of documents within a group.” This combination, which draws on visualization techniques, would seem to have promise for knowledge management generally (See my posts of Dec. 9, 2005 and Feb. 16, 2006 on data visualization software.).

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