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Brood over these benefits of coffee

Coffee jump starts many of us, but slightly more important than that, longitudinal studies “show that drinking coffee cuts the risky of dying early from a heart attack or stroke,” writes the Harv. Bus. Rev., Vol. 86, June 2009 at 22. More, “coffee also appears to offer some small protection against Type 2 diabetes, gallstones and Parkinson’s disease.” I toast Javascript!

But I brim with enthusiasm for in-house productivity so my take-away about coffee is that “it causes feelings of well-being and increases energy, alertness and motivation. Functional MRI scans show that coffee activates parts of the brain involved in short-term memory, the kind that helps focus attention on tasks at hand.” Coffee, the New World elixir, is “brimming with antioxidants and other phytonutrients.” Gulp, no wonder I have a well-used Starbucks card (See my post of June 29, 2009: sleep and coffee with 10 references.).