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BT enters into broad-scale arrangement for legal services support from UnitedLex

An email from UnitedLex (Kristie Kushner) brought to my attention a recent development that involves both a major legal department and a major LPO provider. I normally find little value in press releases but this one seems of the magnitude to deserve mention. I shortened the email but preserved portions of its wording.

Five years ago, BT, a Fortune Global 500 company that operates in 170 countries created an in-house, offshore legal unit in India. Recently BT chose UnitedLex is to take over that group.

The email cites UnitedLex’s application of six sigma concepts “that enable UnitedLex to standardize processes and reduce risks.” David Eveleigh, General Counsel for BT Global Services, praises the arrangement.

As to scope, note the reference to law firms: “UnitedLex will provide commercial contracting and antitrust regulation services to BT legal teams in the UK, the US, India, Singapore and Hong Kong, beginning in April. UnitedLex will support not only internal BT resources, but also its global panel of law firms.