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For starters, 21 different titles for legal department administrators

My friend Brad Blickstein,head of the Blickstein Group, wanted to supplement my recent post about law department administrators who mediate between the legal function and other support functions. I had mentioned the profusion of titles for administrators so he helpfully sent a partial list of responses to the question “What is your title” from The Second Annual Law Department Operation Survey:

  1. Associate Vice President, Operations
  2. AVP-Financial Reporting & Administration
  3. Chief Operations Officer
  4. Director
  5. Director – Operations, Law
  6. Director of Operations
  7. Director of Operations, Law Department
  8. Director, Legal Operations
  9. Legal Administrator
  10. Manager – Legal Business Services
  11. Manager, Legal & Contracts Department
  12. Managing Counsel
  13. Office Manager
  14. Process Owner, Reporting and Analysis
  15. Senior Manager, Legal Operations
  16. Senior Manager, Legal Administration
  17. Sr. Director – Legal Administrator
  18. Sr. Mgr Law Operations and Strategy
  19. Sr. Operations Manager
  20. Legal Administrator
  21. VP – Managing Counsel

Brad also mentioned that readers can download the survey supplement from his website.

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