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CEOs may increasingly ask for wide-ranging evaluations of general counsel

A piece in Forbes, May 24, 2010 at 46, suggests that psychological testing of candidates for executive positions has become much more common. “Today, two thirds of 517 businesses surveyed … say they evaluate executives using a suite of behavioral, cognitive, critical and psychological tests.” The most arduous tests require candidates to respond to simulations. “Of those [companies surveyed], 46% put executives through the simulation wringer.” The post for the top lawyer ought to be considered important enough to justify such careful testing.

This blog has mentioned several assessment instruments, but Forbes adds a few: Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrics (a standardized intelligence test), Watson/Glasere (an hour-long critical-thinking appraisal, and the Hogan Development Survey (assesses a leader’s propensity for failure) (See my post of June 24, 2009: the Hogan Personality Inventory.).

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