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Personalize the intranet site each client sees so that they learn and can handle more on their own

Once before I mentioned software that changes what appears online depending on the person at the keyboard (See my post of March 27, 2005: AI on intranets for clients.), and recently I read again about software that can do this. KMWorld, Feb. 2011 at 20, describes real-time site personalization. Foley Hoag, a US law firm, uses the Sitecore Online Marketing Suite for this purpose. “Depending on the pages that a visitor [to the firm’s website] accesses, different content is presented.”

A law department could presumably set up such software so that clients would see the pages most pertinent to them, based on past visits or other indicators. Intranet sites of law departments that apply “visitor intelligence” would be much for effective and user friendly.

In that spirit, I collected my most recent posts on law department intranets (See my post of Dec. 23, 2008: patent shows GE’s intranet site; March 29, 2009: McDonald’s legal intranet; Aug. 18, 2009: CBS collaborates with its law firms on its intranet; Sept. 1, 2009: metrics to analyze usage; Sept. 22, 2009: Belgian Post and its intranets; March 31, 2010: direct clients to useful material on the department’s intranet; Aug. 10, 2010: Sidewiki annotations; and Sept. 9, 2010: IBM’s legal intranet.).

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