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Control by general counsel over newly-created corporate entities

Although 95 percent of the lawyers practicing in Bombarier report only indirectly to the company’s general counsel (See my post of Sept. 19, 2008: global and decentralized law department.), there are two measures of direct control exerted by that lawyer (Daniel Desjardins).

According to a special supplement to the ACC Docket, Vol. 26, Sept. 2008 after 80, there is a “guideline that no legal entities may be created at or for Bombardier without approval from Desjardins.” Furthermore, his office maintains a “database with information on the company’s more than 200 subsidiaries.” On that latter form of management, I have noted on this blog a few instances where law departments track subsidiaries and corporate affiliates (See my post of Jan. 24, 2006: Transcentive software to manage subsidiaries; Aug. 9, 2006: Bridgeway’s Secretariat; April 13, 2007: Bank of America has some 2,000 subsidiaries; Feb. 14, 2007: cottage industry of corporate secretarial packages; and March 11, 2007: online guides at Kraft for subsidiary management.).

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