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Costs to relocate lawyers

From time to time, law departments recruit senior lawyers who need to be relocated. Alternatively, law departments move lawyers from one location to another (See my post of Oct. 10, 2005: ex pat pay and relocations; May 27, 2007: mass relocation of Royal Dutch Shell’s law department; June 7, 2006: BHP relocating some lawyers; July 25, 2007 #2: Saks; and June 14, 2007: cost savings for Citigroup from relocation to less-expensive places.). The associated costs ought to hit the law department’s budget.

Those relocation costs can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars, and that is before any subsidies, such as for mortgage interest rates. There are visits to the area and hotel costs, the cost of movers, short-term expenses while the family gets settled and other expenses. Along with executive search firm fees, relocation costs for corporate lawyers can be substantial.