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Country-based and language-specific matter management systems

A ground-breaking report, MMS Insights, combines data on matter management systems (MMS) with benchmark metrics. Prepared by General Counsel Metrics, LLC, the study reports on 130 users of more than 15 matter management systems in Canadian and U.S. legal departments. This first edition will be followed by a second, in the Fall, which will wrap in all the additional data being collected in this year’s survey.

Focused on North American departments, the first edition doesn’t analyze the many packages available elsewhere, such as substantial players like Benner, Espaider, Gerpro, Iken, Kleos, Legal-Suites, Qualidata, and Tedesco. As they gain benchmark participants, these country-based packages, which are often in a native language, will be covered.

Insights does not yet distinguish between hosted and cloud platforms nor whether e-billing capabilities are included. It does include data on the longevity of packages as well as custom programs, SharePoint implementations, and uses of Microsoft Office products.

If your IT group or your law department would like to obtain the report, please write its analyst and author, Rees Morrison, at

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