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Innovative report combines data on matter management systems (MMS) with benchmark metrics

A ground-breaking report, which combines data on matter management systems (MMS) along with popular benchmark ratios, is the creation of General Counsel Metrics, LLC. MMS Insights reports on 130 Canadian and U.S. legal departments that use one of more than 15 matter management systems. Its dozen charts and explanatory text show how the MMS packages with at least three departments compare to each other on such benchmarks as average number of lawyers in the department and total legal spend as a percentage of revenue. Also, the 110-page report collects more than 150 posts from this blog regarding MMS, all organized under five commonly asked questions, edited, indexed, and cross-referenced.

A series of posts here will share some of the findings from the study. If your IT group or your law department would like to obtain MMS Insights, please write its analyst and author, Rees Morrison, at

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