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Data on why lawyers leave their in-house position

From the 2010 In-House Global Salary & Benefits Survey conducted by Laurence Simons (pg. 8) you can see 15 reasons why lawyers might resign. “[O]ver a third (40%) said it was because they wanted a new challenge or to further their career in a new environment. The traditionally popular motivation of higher salary was third at 12%. Other factors included a desire for more responsibility (10%) and a better work/life balance (7%).”

The notorious career path perceived to lead nowhere pushes ambitious lawyers to find their way elsewhere. So does boredom. If all you can see is an unchanging in-box, shift companies and hope for a change of pace. Money matters, but given approximately market compensation, the far more important satisfiers ae the quality and prospects of good work. To request a complimentary copy of the full survey, write Naveen Tuli.

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2 responses to “Data on why lawyers leave their in-house position”

  1. It sounds like the issues that in-house counsel face may actually have some similarities to the those faced by the rest of the world. Many people today are finding that if they want more challenge, more responsibility and even more money, that they have to switch jobs. The economy and marketplace are so changeable today, and it is simply much less common to stay in one job until one retires. For that matter, finding someone who feels able to stay in one company past 15 years is becoming less common.

  2. @LawyerBlog says:

    I wonder whether “a new challenge or to further their career in a new environment” means that it’s generally easier to get promoted/move up be leaving the company than by staying put.