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E-billing survey suggests not too many bills per vendor

Eight well-known e-billing providers — Allegiant, Bottomline, Bridgeway, CTTymetrix, DataCert, doeLegal, LawTrac, and Serenget – provided data for a survey I sent to a total of 10 providers. I have written a series of posts about the analysis (See my post of July 15, 2009: number of invoices processed; July 16, 2009: invoices processed per user; and July 17, 2009: law firms and vendors per user.).

One of the three questions asked for the “Number of law firms and other vendors during the past six months that have successfully submitted at least one bill to a law department through your system.” A second asked for the “Number of bills (invoices) processed by your system on behalf of law departments during the past six months.”

Dividing invoices processed by invoicers, the average was 107 while the median was 87. As with other calculations from this survey, the eight respondents differed, here by a ratio of almost 6-to-1. But what struck me was that a rough average of 100 invoices per vendor during the six-month period means 15-20 per vendor. If most of the vendors are law firms, that means only three to five matters, assuming they bill monthly.

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