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Hyperpost – ten collected metaposts – on legal department benchmarks

Mavens of metrics might want to see the full cupboard of metaposts that are available on this blog. Here they are!

One group covers a range of benchmark topics (See my post of Feb. 25, 2008: practice area benchmarks with 24 references; Jan. 12, 2009: historical changes in benchmarks over time with 8 references; and July 15, 2009: descriptive metrics with 8 references.).

Seven other metaposts apply to specific benchmarks (See my post of Aug. 21, 2008: total legal spend as percent of revenue with 9 references; Feb. 25, 2009: lawyers per billion with 22 references; April 18, 2009: lawyers per 1,000 employees with 6 references; May 21, 2009: internal chargeable hours with 12 references; July 15, 2009: benchmarks for specific metrics not otherwise covered with 46 references; May 29, 2008: benchmarks other than individual metrics with 28 references; and March 29, 2009: 40/60 ratio of inside-to-outside spend with 18 references.).

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