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Early findings on the relative frequency of matter management and contract management software

As of two days ago, of the 275 companies that had participated in the General Counsel Metrics benchmark survey, 87 of them named the matter management software they use (including four who listed “custom”). Of those 275 companies, 56 named their contract management package (including nine “custom”). Note that approximately three out of four participants in the GC Metrics survey are U.S. or Canadian legal departments. To my surprise, ten respondents gave the same package for both applications.

The benchmark survey may triple by year’s end, so the two ratios that follow may shift. Preliminarily, however, almost two matter management packages have been installed or every one contract management. Of the 87 law departments with a named MMS, 33 also named a contract management system – so again roughly speaking half the time a department with one solution has the other.

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